Bandido making his entrance on AEW Dynamite from September 28, 2022 in Philadelphia for his ROH World Championship Match against Chris Jericho

AEW Dynamite Review — 9.28.2022 — Bandido Rides In The Land Of The Elite

Headlined By An ROH World Championship Match Between Chris Jericho & Bandido, Did AEW Deliver Coming Out Of Grand Slam 2022?

16 min readOct 5, 2022


It may be crazy, but it has been nearly a year since the last time I wrote out a review/recap for AEW Dynamite, or any wrestling for that matter. Rebooting this blog once again, I figured that I might as well try my hand at covering AEW on a weekly basis once more, so with that being said… I’m back with a late review of last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, live from Philadelphia. Coming off of the hot Grand Slam cards for both Dynamite and Rampage, AEW would deliver a bit of a different AEW Dynamite last week, and so, let’s talk about it!

So sit back, and enjoy this review of AEW Dynamite from September 28th, 2022! SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE OF AEW DYNAMITE AHEAD, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Jericho’s ROH Championship Celebration

Jericho Appreciation Society comes out in matching purple suits, with LUIGI PRIMO IN THE RING TWIRLING HIS PIZZA DOUGH. Parker hypes the crowd by calling them the City of Losers before Daddy Magic says that he called Luigi Primo, who made the best pizza from New York City. Daddy shouts that there is no pizza for any of the fans. Anna gets on the mic and says they don’t get pizza as the crowd chants “We Want Pizza”, before threatening to choke out the fans, before saying that the fans do get the greatest Ring of Honor Champion of All Time, The Ocho, Chris Jericho!

Jericho gets on the mic, smirking and asks if the fans want pizza before saying they can’t have any. Everyone knows that he is the most honorable and most viewed ROH Champion, in just one week, more fans have seen him as champion than every past champion combined as the Ring of Jericho begins. It begins with his first title defense against a former champion, one of the best luchadors in the world; Bandido.

Bandido Hitting a Piledriver in PWG — Pro Wrestling Guerilla

Jericho introduces Sports Entertainer, ROH Pure Champion… Danny Garcia, and Jericho hands him a gift as the crowd loudly chants “you’re a wrestler”. It is a purple bucket hat to match the suit, as he forces it onto Garcia’s head before Daniel takes it off and throws it on the ground before decking Luigi in the face. Garcia says that this isn’t him, he tolerated it for a little bit, but he’s finally had enough. He thinks its time… but before he can say it, Jericho blocks the mic and tells him to think about it. Chris asks him once again if he is a Sports Entertainer or a Pro Wrestler, and out comes Bryan Danielson!

Danielson says that he has a massive amount of respect for Garcia, he can stay in the JAS or come to the BCC, its Garcia’s choice. Jericho screams for Danielson to shut his mouth, saying that he is sick and tired of Bryan trying to poach his guy, and that Daniel belongs to him and he does what he says. Garcia cuts him off, and says that he doesn’t belong to Chris. Garcia then asks about what would be entertaining, even suggesting forming a tag-team with Justin Roberts (lol) before asking the fans if it would be entertaining for him to tag-team with Danielson. Garcia suggests a tag match with he & Bryan against Sammy & Jericho. Daddy Magic grabs the mic and shouts at Garcia for turning his back on them after they took him in while he had nothing (some nice acknowledgement that 2.0 & Garcia were a group before the JAS). Daddy Magic vs Bryan Danielson is set up!

Bryan Danielson vs Daddy Magic

Matt Menard takes control for the early goings in this, dominating Bryan out of the gate and beating him up at ringside into the Picture-In-Picture break. Back from commercial, Menard just levels Bryan with a series of clotheslines before Danielson fights to his feet as Matt unloads chops, only firing up Bryan as he comes back with chops and kicks of his own in the corner. Danielson gets sent crotch first into the ring post, and with Daddy Magic distracting the ref, Angelo drops Bryan with a DDT, leading to Claudio coming out to drag Angelo to the back for a big pop! Busaiku Knee lands from Danielson, and he transitions into the Lebel Lock as Bryan Danielson Wins!

My Thoughts:

In terms of an opening to an episode of AEW Dynamite, this felt like a very apparent step-down. Going from Grand Slam opening with an awesome ROH Championship Match between Claudio Castagnoli vs Chris Jericho, to a nearly 20-minute long opening talking segment with the Jericho Appreciation Society just felt very… bleh. Even Jericho himself seemed like he was not into the segment at all, delivering a rare misstep for one of the few in AEW who rarely miss. For the audience looking for plot content, Anna Jay and Tay Melo did not disappoint, and elsewhere, Daddy Magic and Angelo Parker delivered with their portion of the promos. Daniel Garcia went a bit off the rails towards the end, leading to the end of a mess of a segment. The subsequent match between Danielson and Menard was very good at least, though the set-up was very, very much in the WWE Style that AEW has tried to distance itself from since its inception in 2019.

AEW Women’s Wrestlers Tay Melo and Anna Jay rocking their matching purple suits from the Jericho Appreciation Celebration during the September 28, 2022 episode of AEW Dynamite

MJF Speaks!

Before MJF can come out, Wheeler Yuta storms the ring and gets a mic, calling out MJF for hitting him with the Dynamite Diamond Ring and for putting his hands on Tony Schiavone. He says that Philly shouldn’t get too excited, because Max likes to hide. He hid behind the Inner Circle, The Pinnacle, and now The Firm. Yuta tries to goad him into a fight, running through the topics MJF would bring up in a promo which prompts Max to come out in a Mets Jersey, telling the fans to give it up for Yuta, the hometown boy. He asks Tony how he’s holding up from last week, and knows he won’t do anything because he’s a coward. Max says he will give Yuta credit because Yuta is one of the best wrestlers in the world… HOWEVER, he made the mistake of trying to go toe-to-toe with Daddy last week and he needed a spanking. MJF notes that he is the biggest draw in the company, and that Yuta is taking away time from him, clowning Wheeler’s charisma and the Philadelphia Phillies. MJF is a multi-millionaire at 26, Yuta cuts him off and says he doesn’t care about any of it, if MJF won’t fight him, he will leave him in a pool of his own blood on Broad Street to a very big reaction from the crowd.

Yuta heads up the ramp, and out comes Colten and Austin Gunn to back up MJF. He won’t wrestle him in Philly, that will have to wait till next week in Dumpy DC. MJF hands the mic to Austin as he says the people don’t deserve to hear his catchphrase from him, as Gunn delivers the “MJF is better than you, and you know it” to close the segment.

My Thoughts:

I love Wheeler Yuta. While his delivery was less than perfect for this segment, the execution was strong enough for me to support it. Ahead of his eventual clash with Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship, MJF does need to wrestle a bit for his credibility to be there. Openly admitting as much during his interview with Ariel Helwani, hopefully ahead of Full Gear, we can expect to see MJF lace up his boots a few times while still maintaining his special attraction feeling. The intensity from Yuta was there, MJF rarely misses, and these two should have an excellent match tonight on Dynamite for the Third Anniversary show.

Jon Moxley vs Juice Robinson (AEW World Championship Eliminator)

As Moxley makes his way into the ringside area, Juice blindsides him, sending him headfirst into a barricade and then launching him back first into another, headbutting the champion repeatedly at ringside before Juice sends him into the ring to start the match. Juice gets clotheslined over the top rope as the two brawl on the floor, with Juice getting sent head first into one of the barricades this time, then getting dropped with a suplex on the mat at ringside.

Back into the ring, the two trade forearms to the face before Juice breaks out the jabs, with Moxley connecting with a kick to the body and an uppercut, getting cut off by a bite to the face from ROCK HARD JUICE ROBINSON. During picture-in-picture, Moxley gets sent face first into the ring post and comes up bloody as Juice takes control. With Jon seated on a steel chair at ringside, Juice just lays into Mox with headbutts before cannonballing himself off the apron, with Mox getting out of the way at the last second, causing Juice to just die here, landing brutally on his back. For what it’s worth, commentary stresses that while Juice is representing New Japan Pro Wrestling, he is still a free agent, throughout the match.

The two collide with repeated lariat attempts, but Moxley counters after the fire up with a cutter for a nearfall as he transitions into an ankle lock, transitioning to the STF as Juice gets to the ropes for the break. Juice digs his fingers into the eyes of Moxley before dropping him with a powerbomb, going for the stacked pin attempt for a two count as Juice goes up high. Coming off the top, Juice gets caught but sends Mox into the corner. Juice lands Pulp Friction, but Moxley kicks out! Regal Knee from Moxley, but Juice kicks out as Mox just immediately lays in with the stomps before locking in a Cross Armbreaker. Juice Robinson taps out, Jon Moxley wins!

After the match, Hangman Page’s music hits and out comes the Hangman to massive “Cowboy Shit” chants as we get a staredown between the former AEW World Champion and the current AEW World Champion. As the two tease a brawl, MJF says that they need to calm down because they’re not fighting for the title, they’re fighting to lose to him and in Cincinnati he might cash in his chip. Out of nowhere, Wheeler Yuta shows up in MJF’s box and beats him up, sending him into a couch and then down into the stands to a great reaction from the fans.

Hangman Page and Jon Moxley staring each other face-to-face on AEW Dynamite

My Thoughts:

Jon Moxley is the wrestler of 2022. While some may suggest otherwise, with PWI even naming Roman Reigns as the top wrestler of the year, I would beg to differ. This is not even a WWE vs AEW thing, rather just the fact that Jon Moxley’s entire 2022 has been on absolute fire. From returning at the beginning of the year after a sting in rehab, to feuding with Bryan Danielson, to creating the Blackpool Combat Club, to turning Wheeler Yuta into a star, to his run as Interim AEW World Champion, to becoming a three-time AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley is just… the guy. As a fan of Juice Robinson, I was happy to see him get featured here, with him being such an important rival for Moxley outside of AEW. It was a shame the crowd was not as familiar with Juice as expected, but the two delivered a strong match nonetheless, with Moxley clearly working to get Robinson over with the crowd. The post-match staredown with Hangman Page was great, and it just feels good to see Hangman still featured in a very prominent place on the card despite the rest of The Elite being suspended.

Saraya Speaks Following Her Debut At AEW Grand Slam 2022

Good reaction for Saraya as she makes her entrance. On the mic, Saraya says that she’s back as the fans give her a “Welcome Back” chant. She says that its been a while and she’s nervous, but it’s her house. Saraya says to bring out the ladies, introducing the women’s division, but really just the babyfaces as Toni Storm, Willow Nightingale, Athena, Madison Rayne, and Skye Blue make their entrance. Saraya asks for some noise for the ladies and she says that they are going to make a change, as she reintroduces the women of AEW, starting with Toni Storm, saying that she is finally being utilized to her full potential. Britt Baker cuts Saraya off, bringing Jamie, Rebel, and Penelope Ford to stand against the faces.

Britt says that she is the face of the women’s division, and she has put her blood, sweat, and tears into the women’s division, and says her neck can handle the pressure. Saraya cuts her off, the fans chant for Jamie Hayter and Britt says that Jamie will get her shot after Serena. Out comes Serena Deeb. Saraya says that she talked to Tony backstage, and they are going to make it a Lumberjack Match.

Toni Storm vs Serena Deeb (AEW Interim Women’s World Championship)

Back from commercial break, the two ladies trade pin attempts, both failing to get anything as Serena locks in a submission, sitting on the back of Toni’s head while locking the arms. Toni looks to fight out of it, but Deeb gets a neck crank. German Suplex from Toni, and as Storm gets against the ropes, Jamie yanks Toni to the flor as Jamie and Willow get into it, with Willow chasing off Jamie to the back for a big reaction from the crowd (Jamie Hayter is getting very, very over, and Willow remains over). Back in the ring, Deeb locks in the Half Crab with Toni facing the heel side of the ring, with Baker trying to prevent her from getting to the ropes. Toni gets the rope break as Athena and Britt get into it.

Back body drop from Toni as she comes off the top rope with a diving cross body, but Deeb rolls through back into the half boston crab in the center of the ring. Toni drops Serena with the Storm Zero, and SERENA KICKS OUT! Dragon Screw in the corner from Deeb lands as she goes high. Toni comes back to life, headbutting Deeb up top as she climbs to meet her, BRINGING DEEB BACK DOWN INTO THE RING WITH THE AVALANCHE STORM ZERO! Toni Storm wins, retains, and is still the AEW Interim Women’s World Champion!

Ricky Starks vs Eli Isom

Isom fires off a few shots to start, but Ricky levels him with a Spear and gets him up for the Rochambeau. Ricky Starks Wins!

My Thoughts:

Saraya’s promo existed, that is for certain. It was all over the place, and a total mess, but I do not think the content of said promo or what their goal was, was bad in anyways. She herself even said that she was extremely nervous speaking in front of the audience once again, after years of not doing so during the end of her WWE career. Right out of the gate, the segment gave airtime to a number of women in AEW, with it also seeing Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale seemingly put on the same level as the likes of Toni Storm, Jamie Hayter, and Britt Baker, something that is extremely positive. The following match between Storm and Serena Deeb was excellent as well, with it being one of the strongest women’s matches in AEW history, featuring an absolutely insane finish. The issues with the AEW Women’s Division will not be fixed overnight, and this promo/segment/match highlighted that, but at least it does seem like it is on Tony Khan’s To-Do List finally.

Toni Storm holding the AEW Women’s Championship after retaining over Serena Deeb on AEW Dynamite

I did not forget about Ricky Starks either, as it is very nice to see him getting some enhancement talent matches to continue heating him up following his big win over Powerhouse Hobbs at Grand Slam. Big things are in the future for both Starks and Hobbs, as the two feel like future main-event players for All Elite Wrestling.

Announced for AEW Dynamite on October 5, 2022:

  • RUSH vs Hangman Page
  • Wardlow vs Brian Cage (TNT Championship Match)
  • Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale vs Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb, and Penelope Ford
  • National Scissoring Day, Hosted By Billy “Daddy Ass” Gunn and The Acclaimed
  • MJF vs Wheeler Yuta
  • Darby Allin vs Jay Lethal
  • Luchasaurus In Action
  • Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara vs Daniel Garcia & Bryan Danielson
AEW Dynamite Match Card For AEW Dynamite Anniversary, October 5, 2022

Chris Jericho vs Bandido (ROH World Championship)

Jericho mocks the Code of Honor, as he plays with Bandido’s hand and flips him off. Bandido dives out of the ring with a Tope Suicida before flying over the top rope with a plancha as commentary notes that Bandido is undefeated in ROH Title Matches in Philadelphia. At the end of Picture-In-Picture, Bandido lifts Jericho above his hand with one hand before catching Jericho with a Thrust Kick off the top rope. Bandido gets Jericho into the vertical suplex position as he has the crowd count for him, holding the ROH World Champion in the position for a minute as the crowd comes to life in support of Bandido.

Up to the top, Bandido does the shimmy and comes off the top with a Frog Splash for a nearfall. Both men go to the top, and as Bandido comes diving back into the ring, Jericho catches him with a Codebreaker for a two count. Out onto the apron, Jericho nails Bandido with a right hand to the nose as Bandido springs up with a hurricanrana out of nowhere, off the apron and down onto the floor! Back from break, Bandido is busted open under the white mask, creating a fantastically brutal visual. A dropkick misses from Bandido, giving Jericho the opening to nail a Lionsault for another nearfall. Crucifix Bomb from Bandido gets a nearfall, as he transitions into his own GTS Variant, but Jericho blocks the kick and locks the Walls of Jericho in, teasing a tap-out, but Bandido manages to fight to the rope forcing the break.

Jericho brings Bandido back into the ring, suplexing him over the rope before going up high. Enzuigiri from Bandido cuts off Jericho on the top rope, as he meets him up top, WITH BANDIDO FLIPPING OFF THE TOP ROPE WITH JERICHO IN HAND FOR A CRAZY MOONSAULT FALLAWAY SLAM FOR A MASSIVE NEARFALL! BANDIDO DROPS JERICHO WITH THE X-KNEE! 21 PLEX LANDS FROM BANDIDO BUT JERICHO KICKS OUT AT THE LAST SECOND! Jericho yanks the mask down over the eyes of Bandido, with Bandido going for the roll-up but Jericho gets out and locks in the Liontamer Submission, as Bandido taps out. Chris Jericho wins and retains the ROH World Championship.

My Thoughts:

This was by far the match of the night, and it immediately solidified Chris Jericho as Ring of Honor Champion, something that still feels incredibly weird to type. Serving as Bandido’s first match in an AEW ring, Jericho did everything in his power to get Bandido over with the live crowd in Philly and those watching at home. Simply put; he succeeded. Selling incredibly well for every single bit of offense that the luchador gave to him, Jericho proved why he is still one of the best in the world, while also wrestling extremely well against his much younger opponent. For a match with literally zero build, this kicked all kinds of ass and undeniably deserved the main event spot. With reports that Bandido was offered a full-time AEW contract after his match, fans can only hope that Bandido accepts as following this performance, he feels like a must-sign Free Agent for every wrestling company.

Update: as of 2:00 on 10/5/22, Fightful is reporting that Bandido has signed with All Elite Wrestling following his match with Chris Jericho.

Overall, the episode of AEW Dynamite from last week on 9/28/22 left a bit to be desired, with a not-so-great opening segment that lasted 20 minutes and a very messy women’s segment. Boosted by two fantastic matches in the form of Toni Storm vs Serena Deeb and Chris Jericho vs Bandido, the show was far from bad, but a serious step-down in the regular “must-watch” nature regularly displayed by AEW Dynamite.

AEW Dynamite, September 28, 2022 Overall Rating: 6 out of 10


  • Chris Jericho vs Bandido
  • Toni Storm vs Serena Deeb
  • Jon Moxley vs Juice Robinson
  • Strong Video Packages


  • Jericho Appreciation Celebration
  • Saraya and Britt Baker’s Promo Segment
  • The overall pacing of the episode
  • Less focus on wrestling compared to other weeks

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Tay Melo and Anna Jay making their entrance in All Elite Wrestling

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